Hello! I'm Matías Gatti, musician, guitarist, and audio engineer. My world revolves around musical creation, production, and composition.

I fully engage with all sonic expressions, from the resonance of a guitar to the harmony created by instruments united in sound. Every auditory experience, whether the result of an electric current or an acoustic phenomenon, finds its place in my world to be appreciated, transformed, and applied.

My journey encompasses audio engineering and intertwines with my roles as a guitarist and producer. I participate in various projects, serve as a session musician, and compose my own music. In my studio, I provide services such as recording, music production, editing, mixing, and audio post-production for diverse artists and projects.

Guitarra Matias Gatti
Guitarist Matías Gatti

Want to know more? A bit of History

Since my childhood, music became my great love. It all began when I discovered my mother's studio guitar, hidden in my grandparents' closet. I still remember the dust covering it and the moment I started exploring its sounds, marking the beginning of a journey I would never abandon.

My early shared lessons with my brother guided my musical path. Despite being left-handed, I learned to play as a right-hander and progressed quickly due to my enthusiasm for exploring different genres. From simple early songs, I evolved into the magic of the pentatonic scale and the influence of bands like Nirvana, Serú Girán, and the Beatles.

Later came the attempts at bands, exploring rock genres like punk and grunge. After a few years, the desire to delve deeper emerged, leading me to the Music School of Resistencia, Chaco. There, I studied guitar and music theory for four years before moving to Buenos Aires.

Simultaneously, my interest in audio technique grew. I immersed myself in the world of computers, cables, microphones, and recordings. In my last year of school, I began exploring Argentine folklore with guitarist Aníbal Ramírez, marking the beginning of my professional career in music and teaching.

Memory from 18 years old. Concert at Peña Nativa Martín Fierro.

At the age of 21, I headed to Buenos Aires to study at the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda, where I graduated as a Guitarist with a specialization in Folklore. Additionally, I studied Orchestral and Chamber Music at the University of Lanús and received training in Recording and Audio Postproduction at Tecson.

These institutions not only provided me with knowledge but also enriching experiences. With great teachers and peers, we formed groups and projects. While studying, I worked in various musical spaces, from reggae and rock to tango and folklore, recording albums and participating in musical events and theatrical productions.

Concert from the 'Folk Ensemble Practice' department at EMPA

Currently, I actively collaborate with various ensembles and projects, contributing my creativity and musical experience. From my studio, I take on roles such as guitarist, arranger, producer, and audio engineer, transforming ideas into unique musical stories.

While teaching remains vital to me, my day-to-day is woven with threads of creativity, collaboration, and a passionate dedication to music. From sharing knowledge with those eager to begin to collaborating with experienced musicians, each interaction is an opportunity to cultivate passion and musical creation. In summary, my journey is reflected in a musical tapestry that reveals my enduring love for the art of sound.

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