Greetings music enthusiasts! Explore a selection of tracks that I've mixed, mastered, and/or produced. Listen to specific examples showcasing my commitment to quality and respect for each artist's unique vision.


Here you can listen to various examples from different musical styles, of tracks mixed and mastered by me.

In the art of mastering, I apply precise techniques such as limiting, compression, and harmonic distortion, aiming to achieve the optimal loudness level for leading streaming platforms like Spotify.

In mixing, I utilize standard tools (equalization, compression, reverb, delay) along with creative techniques like filters, amplifiers, chorus, among others. My goal is clear: to provide each track with what it needs, whether it's a powerful and straightforward mix or a more creative and unique experience.


Explore some of my mixing and/or mastering projects where I've collaborated with talented colleagues. Each song in this playlist reflects our collaborative effort and my contribution to highlight the musical essence of each piece. Discover the result of working together!


Explore my role as a music producer in this playlist, where my involvement spans production, recording and/or instrument editing, session guitarist (also covering bass, keyboards, and percussion), and arrangement creation. Each song is a testament to my dedication to enhance and enrich the musical experience. I hope you enjoy the journey!